Risk adverse or innovative?

I would describe myself as risk adverse – it would be a description that those who know me would agree with.  I ensure that there is always enough alcohol hand wash available in the public places I have responsibility for, I check the safety record of activity parks which my children visited when young and even when canyoning a few years ago in Slavonia I took a very measured risk assessment as to which waterfalls I would jump over.  When I was in the Department of Health I made a good civil servant because I was always very measured as to what I said in the public domain. So why is it, I ask myself, have I taken the risk of setting up a blog? 

In setting up a blog I believe that I lay myself open for criticism, for rejection (especially if no one reads it!), I suffer from dyslexia so I am sure that my spelling and grammar will fall below a standard that many expect  and I lay myself open to challenge.

Well, I am unsure what my motivation is in setting up this blog but what I do know is that as a 40 something who has worked most of her life in organisations which Charles Handy would describe as elephants I need to become more of a flea and maybe blogging is part of that.

Charles Handy in his book the elephant and the flea published by Arrow in 2001 discusses how he came to use the metaphor of the elephant and the flea.  The elephant being those big organisations, thick skinned, conspicuous, with a host of ideas, skills and knowledge but if you want to turn them they do it only slowly.  However, the flea is well suited to being quick of foot, irritating but able to introduce innovations and ideas essential for the survival of those larger organisations.     Having spent years in elephants – the NHS and the Church of England I have recognised that need for fleas and I have also come to learn that in seeking innovation and ideas it is often us who have them.  So blogging is part of my attempt to become more like a flea and to play my part in seeking innovation and ideas to help the survival of those organisations I value.  So ideas and innovations welcomed and if you have criticism or challenge – be nice.

About Sarah Mullally

If you wanted a blog run by an experienced blogger look elsewhere - I am a beginner. I am a mum, Bishop, Dame and poor potter - welcome.
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