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Opening up our Morality

New Scientist last week (16th October 2010  volume 208 No 2782) ran a special report on the origins of morality.  Its reports seek to open up our understanding of morality as being not just the domain of philosopher or theologian … Continue reading

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From darkness to light

As I sit here writing I am watching the emotional screens as the 33 Chilean Miners are brought to the surface having spent 69 days trapped in the San Jose mine in Chile. They are images which many of us … Continue reading

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Standing in the margins

Yesterday was World Mental Health Day, a day which seeks to promote awareness of services that support people with mental illness and to reduce the stigma of mental ill health. This year the annual pack of information sent to me by … Continue reading

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Harvest – the mark of a new season

This weekend we celebrated harvest in all of the three Churches of the Sutton Team Ministry.  The children made vegetable heads, we decorated our churches, we ran a beetle drive, listened to jazz, we ate well then today we praised … Continue reading

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Black History Month – Seeing things through other people’s eyes and in their shoes

  Earlier this month you may have seen the comments in the media about what one of the Pope’s senior advisers – Cardinal Walter Kasper, said in an interview, in news magazine Focus (published on 13 September) which rightly provoked … Continue reading

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