Harvest – the mark of a new season

This weekend we celebrated harvest in all of the three Churches of the Sutton Team Ministry.  The children made vegetable heads, we decorated our churches, we ran a beetle drive, listened to jazz, we ate well then today we praised God for all his blessings to us in our services of Harvest Thanksgiving.  Well the three congregations did – I found myself driving down a motorway taking my daughter to university for the first time. 

For me this was a different kind of harvest thanksgiving.  I thanked God for all the blessing that I have and for the blessing of my daughter.  I am so very proud of her and I reflected that along with harvest and the turning of the leaves to brown the journey I made with my daughter marks a new season.

But as I listened to BBC Radio Four on the car radio I got a sense that there are other signs of a different new season and I am grateful that my daughter has gone to university this year.  Lisa Jardine on A Point of View (Huizinga and the human cost of cuts 08.50am 3rd October 2010) reminds us that we wait for George Osborne’s spending cuts due later this month, which I reflected will have an impact on those that most need the opportunity of higher education.

Lisa Jardine puts a historical perspective on the up and coming cuts and suggests that we are entering a period which Johan Huizinga (Dutch historian 1875-1945) would regard as ‘the valley of the shadow of death’ and she reminds us that Johan Huizinga suggests that ‘beneath the big sweep of history lie myriad individual stories which can be retrieved and articulated by those in a position to give them voice’.  I wonder what stories history will articulate from the new season we are entering?

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