Time to change part two!

Today saw the announcement that the Queen has approved the nomination of the Right Reverend Nicholas Baines, BA, Area Bishop of Croydon, for election as Bishop of Bradford in succession to the Right Reverend David Charles James, BA, BSc, PhD, on his resignation on the 14 July 2010. For full details go to: http://www.number10.gov.uk/news/press-notices/2010/12/diocese-of-bradford-58181.

This is a great appointment – Bishop Nick not only has a great ability to engage with the world in a multi faith environment but he has the skills to take on such an appointment which comes after the publication of a report by the Dioceses Commission on the four Yorkshire dioceses of Bradford, Ripon & Leeds, Sheffield and Wakefield and their boundaries with the Diocese of York, a report which will have implications for how Bishop Nick works out his ministry and role.  

“In its work, the Commission is required to ‘have regard to the furtherance of the mission of the Church of England’, and it was for the sake of the Church of England’s mission to the people who live in the four dioceses concerned that the Commission embarked upon its task,” said Dr Priscilla Chadwick, who chaired the review.

“The review and its conclusions are mission-led and not finance-driven (though mission needs to be financed, so financial considerations cannot be ignored). We have asked which structures will best enable the Church of England to relate to the communities of Yorkshire (not just in the parishes but also at city, borough, district and county levels), which will be most intelligible to non-churchgoers, which would eliminate wasteful duplication, and which are likely to prove resilient and sustainable into the medium term.”

The only down sides of Bishop Nick’s appointment is that Croydon will lose a good Bishop and he will be able to include more anecdotes about Liverpool Football Club in his sermons!


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