The Kingdom of God in Zimbabwe

I have just returned from a week in Zimbabwe.  I have never been before and in preparation to going I heard many things about the country.

In leaving I have taken with me memories of generous hospitality, of joy which passes
material value and of children who hold the future to a country.

Visiting Churches in the  Dioceses of Central Zimbabwe we were hosted by local Priests who looked after us with a hospitality which is not seen in this country.  We did not
always have water or electricity but there was always food and warm water to wash.

The schools we saw where inspirational; Limited resources but teachers with enthusiasm and skill and children who were attentive and eager to learn.

The Bishop of Southwark spoke to the children in the High School about the account in Luke’s Gospel when a teacher of the Law came to Jesus to ask what must be done to inherit the Kingdom of God.  Jesus says to the lawyer you know what must be done and the young lawyer goes on to show Jesus he does ‘You must love God with all your heart and your neighbour as yourself’.  The Right Revd Christopher Chessun went on to encourage the high school students that in their time at the high school they had gained the knowledge to know what needed to be done to bring the Kingdom of God to Zimbabwe – the children when onto sing the Zimbabwean national anthem with an enthusiasm which told us they knew what must be done.

If the Kingdom of God is about peace, justice and love, about welcoming the stranger, caring for the poor and healing the sick – do we know what must be done to bring the Kingdom of God to our community?

About Sarah Mullally

If you wanted a blog run by an experienced blogger look elsewhere - I am a beginner. I am a mum, Bishop, Dame and poor potter - welcome.
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