“The Health and Social Care Bill has become a massive migraine”

In The Times today Matthew Parris suggests that the “The Health and Social Care Bill has become a massive migraine”.  His article Matthew Parris takes a look at the coalition government and how they have moved into the third age of any government the ’grind’ when it is required to implement dominated by battle within and outside parliament.  Matthew Parris suggest that the “Health and Social care Bill has become a massive migraine” for the coalition.

However, much a migraine the Health and Social Care Bill is for the coalition it is a ball and chain to the NHS – slowing it down from what it is best at caring.  This coalition was misguided from the beginning, Andrew Lansley believing that he had been in opposition the showdown health minister thought he had listened and new it all.  He therefore brought forward legislation too early into his term in office and he failed to realise that the NHS is up for change, so when you mention change they get on and do it, so when he decided to stop and listen properly it was too late change was already underway.  So although the coalition paused last year the NHS did not.  Energy has been put into the proposed changes and resources have been distracted from its real business of caring for people.

When, I believe too late, the Royal Collage Nursing came out and spoke against the bill earlier this month Andrew Lansley was misguided when he tried to focus the public on the pension’s issue.  The Royal Collage Nursing did not speak out because of changes to pensions but because of their concern about the impact of the Health and Social Care bill on patient care.

Whilst most of the press coverage today is talking about the Health Secretary, the coalition government and reshuffles and MPs take to the ski slopes we should be talking about the impact of this process of the NHS.   Nurses and Doctor still have to care; patients are still facing diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation.  The NHS still has to make savings whilst maintaining a patient focused service.  They are doing this while many managers are districted – this Health and Social Care Bull is a massive migraine for the NHS shouldn’t that be where our focus is?


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