Contemplation in the Shadow if a Spire – What are we will to pay?

The week has seen the publication of another report into the care home sector.  The Care Quality Commission has under taken a study which has revealed what we already knew.

The care system is over whelmed by people who are getting older and frailer.  But they also found a sector in which people are not feed properly, where they where not meeting the minimum standards for care set and where there was not enough staff on duty.  It is not a new message but as a society we seem to be unable to find a solution or may be it is that we are unwilling to.  If we are going to improve care given to those in the care home sector we as a society we are going to have increase the resources put in.  That is not just about money (Although staff are under paid and under trained and the system under funded)  we need to put in time and commitment into a system which we have too long neglected.  This morning on BBC Radio  4’s Saturday Live we heard from Jan McCourt  who was involved in a serious accident 6 years ago on his farm, his book My NHS Summer is published by the University of Buckingham Press, and he talks passionately about the care he received from the NHS  and he talks about it being a relationship – you have to put in to get out.  It seems to me that if we want to have a care sector (a question we may want to discuss) which provides high quality, personalised care we need to put in what we to expect to get out.

Recent changes in health have seen an increase in the local democratic voice in the form of  Governors.  Governors are people who believe in the value of the NHS and are willing to put time into influencing the provision of health care and representing their constituency   If we are going to improve the care sector we need to believe in its value and people need to be willing, in the same way as health, to  give of their time to support a sector that many of us will depend upon as we get older.  What are we will to pay for high quality care that will look after many until they die?


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  1. janmccourt says:

    Thanks for the mention
    Jan McCourt

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