Stars in Their Eyes

Today saw the Christmas lights here in Salisbury go on. Amongst the lights of Christmas we always find stars. Stars are central symbols of not just Christmas but the first Christmas story.  It was a star which lead those on the outside of the community – shepherds and it was a star which lead the rich and powerful – the Magi to Jesus.  Today up until  the 4th February 2015 you will find the ‘Star of Bethlehem’ by Bruce Munro projected onto ‘the living water’ font in the Nave of Salisbury Cathedral. At its best after 3.30pm when you will see the ‘star’ which is a literal and visual abstraction of the text from the New Testament, Matthew 2:1-12, telling the story of the wise men following a star to find Jesus, the Messiah. This biblical text has been translated into Morse code and is communicated through a series of dots and dashes, or short and longer pulses of light. It encourages us to look beyond the Christmas lights to see the true meaning of Christmas. Take a look!

Aerial view of Star of Bethelehem by Bruce Munro at Salisbury Cathedral - photo by Ash Mills

Photograph by Ash Mills


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