Creating space when under pressure

Last week I attended Salisbury NHS Foundation Trust’s AGM. I am a non-executive there until my term ends in March 2016.

It was great to hear praise for the Trust from our local MP John Glen and the Mayor of Wilton among others. Staff are working hard and with compassion and this is in the context of the hospital having a year on year reduction in their cost base and £27 Million of the health budget being transferred to Local Government for social care. The MP John Glen rightly highlighted that you can’t go on doing this and just work harder you have to work creatively and do things differently and this especially true of the care that our fail elderly receive.


There are at Salisbury Hospital good examples of working differently for example Salisbury is part of a Trauma network with Southampton Hospital where Southampton take the major trauma and Salisbury provides the plastics specialty.

However, as a non executive, I recognise that when staff are under pressure and it is a challenge for them to create the space which is required to not only work out how to do things differently but to bring the change about which requires partnership and culture change.

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