Hide and Seek with God

We set off home today after our 9 day stay in the Holy Land and there is a strong sense amoung the group that we have experienced God in unexpected places.

We often risk looking for God in those places we expect to see him – in church, in those like ourselves, in the tidy Christian places of life. In doing this we limit God, the possibilities for ourselves and for the world.

We have seen God in the contradictions of the Holy Land; gun alongside designer hand bag, Jew alongside Muslim and Christian; mine field alongside olive groves, ancient site alongside walls and in those suffering and those who are candles of hope.

We have not only seen God through others but been blessed by him through them.



Hide and Seek with God

by Katie Cross 

Come and find me, ready or not.
Where are you hiding?
What shall I see?
Where are the places you’re likely to be.

Shall I find you in Bethlehem
snuggled up small
down in a grotto
‘neath a table to crawl

Are you in Palestine
with generous heart
the walls looming over
no fear to impart

Or are you at Galilee
along the sea shore
midst ruins of towns
or the lapping waves call

Are you standing with olives
perched on a hill
weeping ‘Jerusalem
I love you still’

Are you down at Gethsemane
laying prostrate
or up by the pool
a lame man to embrace

Are you walking to violence
dreading that death
or sitting in garden
with oil and wine press

Perhaps at the Western Wall
singing aloud
or praying the Scriptures
along with the crowd

Are you at the Eucharist
the bread and the wine
reminding me
human but also divine

Where are you hiding?
What shall I see?
Where are the places you’re likely to be?
I’m coming to find you, ready or not.





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