Walking in the foot steps of others

This week I have been walking the Via Francigena. It is not for the weak hearted or soft footed! We started at Orsieres in Switzerland and made our away up to 2473 meters to Great St Bernard Pass in Italy before going down to Etroubles and today we finish our walking at Ivrea. My husband tells me this is a practice for walking from Canterbury to Rome when he retires.

We had made all the necessary preparations; carry a light load, look after your feet and drink lots of water. And this time we had not just the book but also GPS! The air was thin at the top and on the way down the temperatures were hot (36degress) and the Way went up and down. Walking in such conditions teaches you alot about yourself and about God. 

The route was well marked but when the GPS failed and you come to an unmarked junction it was the foot prints of  a those who had  a gone before which made the difference!

It was not an easy walk but I would not have seen or learnt the things I did if I had been in a car – the effort and risk was worth it! I reflect that there are those things in life I do that are both a risk and demand much and I am grateful to those in whose foot steps I often tread because through them I learn not just about myself and others but also about God.

By way of a reminder to myself once you have learnt something about yourself we should not forget it. So when my husband retires and sets about walking from Canterbury to Rome I will be in the support vehicle and take day walks!


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    If you wanted a blog run by an experienced blogger look elsewhere - I am a beginner. I am a mum, Bishop, Dame and poor potter - welcome.
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    One Response to Walking in the foot steps of others

    1. john kerr says:

      Pamela and I can recommend the Swiss trains to give your feet a rest also.
      We were enjoying the glacier express that same week ! 😉

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