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The politics of the gospel is about women shouting on the pavement

We have seen over the last few weeks much press coverage of the archbishop of Canterbury’s editorial of the New Statesman in which he speaks out with concern that coalition government was moving through policies not voted for by the … Continue reading

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Does Registration Equal Quality Care?

This week saw the publication by the Care Quality Commission (CQC) of their first 12 reports from an inspection programme which examines whether elderly people receive essential standards of care in 100 NHS hospitals throughout England.  The programme focuses on … Continue reading

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To listen you have to be there

I was only a civil servant for 5 years and I often muse to whether a civil servant is born or created?   Why? Because I still see civil service traits in my behaviour – I seek to think before I … Continue reading

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Call 111?

Last week it was announced that aanyone wanting to book an appointment would first have to contact NHS Direct by dialing 111, which is being rolled-out as the new non-emergency medical number. Call centre staff would then make their booking … Continue reading

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Today I can announce……

Have you noticed how often you hear a government Minister or politician or MP starting a radio or TV broadcast with the words’ Today I can announce…’ It is a phase that I was only too familiar with when I … Continue reading

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