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Contemplation in the Shadow of a Spire – Compassion

Well done to Jane Cummings!  Jane is the new Chief Nursing Officer for England and today she launched a a new campaign aimed at reassuring the public and outlining actions to ensure the values nurses stand for are not betrayed. It … Continue reading

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Contemplation in the Shadow if a Spire – What are we will to pay?

The week has seen the publication of another report into the care home sector.  The Care Quality Commission has under taken a study which has revealed what we already knew. The care system is over whelmed by people who are getting older and frailer.  But they … Continue reading

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Nursing by degrees

Today’s  Times newspaper has run an article under the headlines ‘Trust trains its own nurses to nurture better ‘attitudes’.  The articles talks about how the Heart of England NHS Foundation Trust, based in Birmingham is reverting to the in house … Continue reading

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Shaken not stirred?

The BBC reported yesterday that David Cameron has said the NHS in England needs to change to avoid a “future crisis” as he sought to rally support for a controversial shake-up. Speaking to health staff, the prime minister said the … Continue reading

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Call 111?

Last week it was announced that aanyone wanting to book an appointment would first have to contact NHS Direct by dialing 111, which is being rolled-out as the new non-emergency medical number. Call centre staff would then make their booking … Continue reading

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Today I can announce……

Have you noticed how often you hear a government Minister or politician or MP starting a radio or TV broadcast with the words’ Today I can announce…’ It is a phase that I was only too familiar with when I … Continue reading

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